We are not alone

The air that we breathe in, besides oxygen, include viruses, bacterias, fungus and can affect our well being especially the elderly, the sickly and the very young children.

Bird Flu

Bird Flu



MERS Virus

MERS Virus





Malaysians are familiar with the air purifiers, air cleaners or HEPA purifiers as these are commonly available. Basically all these purifiers work by filtering the air inside a room by removing dust, pollen, germs (though not efficiently) by various type of filters. Thus, it is very important the filter need to be cleaned very often as the germs will continue to multiply there and get blow out into the room again. By contrast, the UV light sterilizers or “Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Cleaner” kills germs (viruses, bacteria, moulds, fungus) in the room. It employs green technology and you will experience after the sterilization like the Sun has just came into your Room. Depending on the models, there are also filters to remove dust or odours as well. 

Our products are from KIT (Khott Industrial Technologies) Australia, and are certified by the Australian authorities. 

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