This Virus Buster W160M Wall Unit is designed with safety in mind to be use in room and living environment. With its UVC rays running in a sealed compartment, there is no exposure to anyone’s eye so it is safe to install in any living area.

This Virus buster W160M is suitable for any rooms(enclosed area) like offices, work places and your living room. This Air sterilizer kills germs, bacterial and viruses in the room. Air is being circulated through the system thus killing all nasty bugs and keeps the freshness and pleasant air in the room. 

This unit is easy to operate with a remote control and has an automatic stop switch and timer. 

Ideal places for this unit include reception area, offices, clinics, public area, and even homes. 

Warranty: 1 year repair or replacement warranty, manufacturers defects only. However the warranty does not cover the UVC tubes and any wear and tear.