The Healthy UV Baby is a personal ultraviolet sterilisation unit. It acts as a curtain, to blow healthy, sterilised air with a radius of 1.2 metres to protect people from any bacteria and germs. It has also proven to sterilise colds and flus, making this ideal for small-sized offices or any room.

With a weight of 2.3kg, this is ideal for person who works in public offices like receptionist, casher, doctors, dentists and many other fields and the curtain blocked and kill all viruses, germs of any bad micro-organisms form contacting the user. This unit is also ideal for any room sterilization as it circulates and sterilise the air in the room thus giving you a healthy germs free environment. 

This unique design is to aim at destroying all pathogenic micro-organisms like viruses, bacteria, fungus and mould occurs at more than 25 places per cubic meter indoor. Viruses spread through air transmission like air spatter which can be sterilise by our ultra violet radiation. When anti-bacteria screen is use on desk top, circulation of clean sterilised air which will eliminate all viruses, bacteria and any bad micro-organism. 

When not in use as curtain, you can just run this unit in your room to sterilise the air in the room. Air will be circulated and sterilise through this unit as it runs. 

It is fully automatic. All you need to do is press one button –and the Healthy UV Baby works for you to help sterilise the air! 

This is safe to use anywhere even on your desk top next to you as this unit is fully conceal and you are not exposed to any direct UVC light.